Hair Removal methods compared: Emerald Pulsed Light or Waxing?

Among the various popular methods to remove unwanted hair, waxing and pulsed light are the most popular: let's see the pros and cons of both.

Women and men: who hasn't declared open war on unwanted hair? This is a problem shared by both sexes and each has its method of getting rid of it. Among the various methods, the ones that are the most popular are waxing and pulsed light.


Let's make a comparison and see the pros and cons of both of these hair removal methods.


  1. It is practical and fast
  2. It is not invasive and it is painless: the ray of light generated by the instrument hits the hair directly without affecting the surface of the epidermis, so it does not cause pain
  3. It does not cause damage to the skin, nor unpleasant irritation, burns, abrasions, nor folliculitis and ingrown hairs since the light directly affects the hair follicle
  4. Guarantees permanent results: by exploiting the heat generated by the device to burn the hair bulb, it blocks the normal life cycle of the hair, weakening it and preventing it from regrowing.


In reality, pulsed light has no real negative sides: any problems or damage are mainly attributable to inappropriate use of the device. However,

  1. It is not suitable for all skin and hair types: the skin color should not be too dark and the hair should not be blond, red, or white. In these cases, pulsed light is not recommended as it loses its effectiveness; Furthermore, it is not recommended to pass the device over moles or tattoos with dark coloring, as it could create lesions on the skin.
  2. More treatments are required, depending on the phototype and the type of hair, even if a significant hair reduction is visible already in the first sessions.


  1. It's quick: whether it's hot or cold, it allows you to remove a good amount of hair for each tear
  2. It has a good duration: if done correctly, the hair is removed from the root, thus ensuring a hair-free skin for a time-varying from 2 to 4 weeks
  3. Waxing after waxing, the regrowth time is always longer and the hairs are thinner and softer.
  4. It’s economical.


  1. It’s a fairly painful method, depending on various factors: the length, and thickness of the hair, the pain tolerance threshold and the degree of sensitivity of the epidermis of those who undergo the treatment
  2. It can cause damage to capillaries, trauma, burns, and abrasions
  3. It’s a non-permanent result.


Although many are unable to abandon wax and strips, whether it is due to laziness or a lack of desire to change habits, pulsed light hair removal undoubtedly offers greater advantages and is now a widely widespread and consolidated reality, so much so that it is no longer necessary to go in epilation centers but you can also have the same excellent results with epilators for home use: in this way, you can have all the advantages of a beauty center directly at your home. 

Seeing is believing!

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