Emerald Pulsed light for Men: an indispensable ally!

Permanent hair removal is one of the major trends in the field of aesthetics in recent years. Not only for women but also men.

If before the hair problem was purely female, today there are more and more men who show interest in the subject, both for purely aesthetic reasons and for issues related to personal hygiene and sporting needs. In short, that against unwanted hair is a war that is no longer the exclusive prerogative of women: more and more men are choosing to remove unwanted body hair, relying on the most diverse methods of hair removal and epilation. Not only the traditional ones such as the razor blade, the electric razor, the waxing ... but also the more advanced ones, such as pulsed light epilation.


Unlike more traditional methods, pulsed light hair removal offers a large number of additional advantages, which is why it is particularly popular and appreciated. First of all, it is a less aggressive and invasive technique, so it does not cause damage to the skin; but, above all, it guarantees permanent results. Permanent, not definitive: once the treatment cycle is completed, there is a reduction of 80-90% of superfluous hair. Not bad, right?

But what are the areas of the body that men can deal with pulsed light? Chest, back, shoulders, abdomen, arms, and legs. Instead, the face, genitals, nipples, inside of the nostrils, and ears should be avoided.

All taking into consideration, of course, the same precautions that apply to women. The pulsed light device, in fact, directly affects the melanin, so it is advisable not to use it on too dark skin, nor on too light hair: in the first case, you risk damage to the skin, and in the second, you risk not having any result.

Pulsed light is equally effective on both women and men; but it should be taken into consideration that in men the hair can be thicker and even more abundant in some areas, so more sessions are necessary. Also because men also have higher levels of testosterone which can stimulate hair growth.

In short, pulsed light hair removal is also a valid solution for male needs, because it allows you to obtain a gradual and permanent result.


Moreover, today, there is the possibility of being able to make use of comfortable epilators for home use, which give the same excellent results as the more expensive treatments that can be done in beauty centers: these are devices that make use of the same technologies used by professionals. in the sector, but allow you to have the same results in the comfort of your home and at much lower prices. In this way, women and men can have the advantages of pulsed light hair removal directly and comfortably at home.

With all the pros that this opportunity offers!

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