Permanent Hair Removal or Hair Removal? Let's see the Differences!

Are you looking for an effective method to get rid of unwanted hair and you don't know which one to rely on? Let's get to know them.

The first attempts to get rid of excess hair have been made since the dawn of time when instruments arranged as sharp stones were used; the Egyptians were the first to devise a more modern method, the ancestor of our hot waxing, used, according to legend, by Queen Cleopatra herself. An open war, in short, and always valid, which now unites all sexes indifferently. Because anyone who cares about their physical appearance and aesthetics has among their primary goals to get rid of unwanted hair!


Every day we hear about hair removal and epilation, two terms that in common jargon are erroneously used as synonyms, but, despite having the same purpose, namely the elimination of excess hair, they still refer to different methods.


Let's start from the definition: by depilation we mean the removal of the shaft, or the visible part of the hair, to be clear the one that is above the skin surface and that makes you go crazy when it starts to be too long and evident; on the other hand, epilation means the direct removal of the hair bulb, which cannot be seen with the naked eye because it is located below the epidermal layer.

We talk about hair removal when tools and methods are used such as:

  • The razor and the electric razor
  • The depilatory cream
  • The abrasive disc
  • The tweezers (if used incorrectly!)

For Epilation, however, we can speak of:

Transient hair removal:

  • Waxing (cold or hot)
  • Silk-Epil and the like

Permanent hair removal:

  • Electro Epilation
  • Diode laser
  • Pulsed light


Surely, the choice between hair removal and epilation is very personal and depends on many factors, such as the time available, the type of skin and the type of hair, any hormonal problems, the presence of pathologies or disorders such as broken capillaries, ability to bear pain ... but there is no doubt that epilation is far more advantageous than depilation.

Epilations offers a whole series of advantages that should not be underestimated:

  1. it's fast;
  2. it’s not invasive;
  3. It’s painless;
  4. It does not cause skin damage, irritation, burns, folliculitis, and ingrown hairs;
  5. Guarantees permanent results.

Therefore, epilation is a much more delicate and safe treatment than depilation, because it does not burn and does not irritate the skin tissue, and also has a longer duration, indeed it guarantees permanent results, since, by weakening the hair, it blocks its life cycle, managing to get rid of 80-85% of superfluous hair.

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