Permanent full body Hair Removal: Laser or Pulsed Light?

Let's discover and compare the new frontiers in the field of permanent hair removal together

When it comes to aesthetics and body care, one of the hottest and ever-current topics, not only among women but also among men, is the "hair" problem: how can you have smooth, soft and perfect skin and finally win the war against unwanted hair? The answer is: with permanent hair removal. But what is the best treatment? Let's find out together.


Let's start immediately from a fundamental premise: laser hair removal and pulsed light hair removal are not the same things. They have a common purpose and both guarantee the same result: that of getting rid of unwanted hair.

But these are two very similar but different technologies: both are part of photo epilation treatments, i.e. they are methods that exploit the light energy that is transformed into thermal energy, i.e. heat, to hit the hair bulb and block the hair growth. The main difference between laser and pulsed light, however, lies in the wavelength: the laser epilator emits only one wavelength, which is absorbed only by the melanin contained in the hair follicle, while the high-intensity pulsed light (IPL ) contains all of them and, with the use of special filters, selects them based on the "target" to hit; in this way, the other tissues in the treated area are not affected and, by bombarding the hair bulb with extreme precision at regular intervals, hair growth is blocked.

Both methods are carried out on skin clean of hair: the ideal is to grow the hair for the four weeks before the treatment and shave it two days before. And in both cases, more sessions are required to have visible results, depending on the areas to be treated, the type of skin, and the type of hair. However, if both laser and pulsed light are effective hair removal techniques to eliminate unwanted hair in areas such as legs, arms, back, groin, and armpits, IPL technology epilators are certainly more suitable in more delicate areas, such as the face. Pulsed light generates an intense beam of light but is emitted in short pulses, so the sessions are of a shorter duration, but much more effective.

In terms of pain, however, there is no comparison: The laser is 300% more painful than pulsed light, so it is not recommended to use it on delicate areas. Instead, the Pulsed Light is 100% painless, valid and effective and has no contraindications, if carried out correctly.


So what is the best hair removal method? In the opinion of doctors, the pulsed light method is more precise and effective, as it hits the hair bulb directly, eliminating the hair from the root.

In short, IPL technology is certainly an extraordinary method to get rid of excess hair. And today, with devices for home use, you also have the opportunity to have the same results as expensive beauty treatments directly in your own home: the important thing is to follow the directions well and carry out the treatments correctly.

And what's better than finally having the upper hand in the battle against excess hair, without having to resort to long hair removal sessions in beauty centers, but getting the same effects comfortably in your own home?

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