How to use Emerald?

The use of the pulsed light epilator requires an initial preparation, which consists in cleansing the skin. This operation removes residues of dirt, make-up, perfumes, deodorants, or any product that may interact with the instrument's lamp (and could be mistaken for melanin). 

Prepare the area to be treated. First you have to prepare your skin, removing unwanted hair: better to avoid creams and waxes and proceed with the 4D Shaver in the Box. Then dry the skin and remove any residue or traces of oily substances. The skin must be smooth and clean.

PLEASE NOTE: If the hairs were longer than 2 mm the power of the light beam would not only act on the bulb, that is the real target, but would be dispersed along the shaft, reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Before starting the treatment it is necessary to carry out 2 precautions for your safety: 1 - Cover any large moles with the white pencil in the box; 2 - Wear the Anti-Flash Glasses in the box.

Once this is done you can connect Emerald IPL to the power with the supplied cable and turn it on by pressing the button on the back, the green light will indicate that the device is on.

Always with the same button, you can select the desired power level ranging from 1 to 5, you can check the blue LEDs above the activation button to check which level is selected.

The next step is to place the head making it adhere perfectly to the skin and press the button that releases the impulse, sliding Emerald IPL over the entire affected area. We recommend, to get a good result, make sure you treat the entire area well.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition, the device has a very useful "AUTOFLASH" function, clicking for a few seconds when the device is not resting on the skin will activate the autoflash function which will allow you to treat the affected area faster without having to press the button for every single flash.

With Emerald IPL it is also possible to treat sensitive areas such as armpits and bikini lines: however, the skin may be slightly darker, so it may be necessary to lower the intensity of the light pulsation to avoid irritation.

Depending on the color of the hair and skin, it is necessary to select the correct intensity of use from 1 to 5, refer to the table also present in the instruction booklet received, to understand the right one for you.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using the device a maximum of once a week, for 8 weeks.

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