Speaking of Hair Removal… The Emerald Pulsed Light.


Pulsed light yes! Let's find out all the advantages of this hair removal method.

Permanently eliminating unwanted hair is a dream common to all sexes, women, and men. We are no longer satisfied with traditional hair removal methods: the greatest desire is to completely get rid of that hateful hair, especially in certain areas of the body, small areas such as the face, armpits, and bikini area, but not alone. This is why, among the most used methods, pulsed light hair removal has become increasingly popular, which, compared to the others, is certainly a method that guarantees optimal results and is full of advantages.

Let's see how it works...


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) photo epilation is an epilation technique that is based on the principle of selective photo thermolysis and allows the permanent removal of unwanted hair; consists in the use of a device which, by launching a high-intensity polychrome light beam (IPL), produces heat when it hits the melanin in the hair, thus generating a strong increase in temperature which is transferred to the hair bulb. The purpose of pulsed light is to induce a progressive thinning of the hair and thinning of the hair, strongly slowing down its growth and blocking its normal life cycle.

The number of treatments required and the results that can be obtained with pulsed light hair removal are directly proportional several factors:

  • The age of the person undergoing the treatment;
  • The hormonal condition of that person;
  • The phototype, or the type of skin;
  • The characteristics of the hair.

 In most cases, satisfactory results are obtained within 8-10 sessions; however, already after the first treatments, there is a thinning, a delayed regrowth and a notable thinning of the hair.


 Pulsed light hair removal has many advantages:

  1. It's fast;
  2. It is painless, as the beam of light hits the hair bulb directly under the skin;
  3. It does not cause side effects such as skin damage, irritation, burns, folliculitis, and ingrown hair;
  4. Guarantees permanent results.

PLEASE NOTE: In general, pulsed light has no negative sides: any damage can be attributed to inappropriate use of the device. However, it is good to follow a few tips:

  • It cannot be done on skin that is too dark and with dark pigmentation tattoos: by hitting the areas rich in melanin, you risk causing damage
  • It is useless to use it on light, blond, red, or white hair: for the same reason, by affecting the melanin, it is ineffective
  • It’s not recommended in case of dermatitis, wounds, moles, pregnancy, and breastfeeding while taking photosensitizing drugs and in the presence of certain diseases such as diabetes.

Compared to traditional hair removal methods, however, pulsed light hair removal is by far the best choice for those who want to get rid of superfluous hair: in fact, it is not limited to eliminating hair for a certain period, but by acting in-depth in the hair bulb, drastically reduces hair regrowth.

Today, moreover, it is not even necessary to rely on specialists for your pulsed light treatments: there are excellent epilators for home use that will allow you to have the same great results as beauty centers! Finally, you have the opportunity to have the key to a hair-free, smooth, soft, and perfect skin directly at your home! 

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