Permanent Hair Removal: Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair with Emerald!

Do you want to get rid of that annoying and anti-aesthetic hair too much? Today, there is a foolproof method, which you can use right in your home!

Too much hair is a real worry for both women and many men and is a cause of great discomfort. Today, however, the battle to the last hair can be won by resorting to powerful solutions such as pulsed light, which guarantees longer-lasting effects than traditional methods and faster and more permanent results.


Razor blade, electric razor, tweezers, waxing (cold or hot), laser, pulsed light ... Many methods are used to get rid of the hated hair. But, in everyday language, we tend to speak indifferently of hair removal and epilation. In reality, they are two terms that indicate completely different things, which however have a common purpose: to eliminate excess hair.

If hair removal only eliminates the hair shaft, that is, the part that comes out above the surface of the skin, epilation is a permanent treatment, which allows you to progressively remove and prevent the regrowth of unwanted hair. With epilation, the entire hair is affected, including the bulb: the heat produced by the device weakens the hair follicle until it is eliminated, blocking its normal life cycle and, therefore, regrowth.


Furthermore, pulsed light hair removal offers a whole series of advantages that make it a better choice than traditional methods. Let's see what they are:

  1. It’s a quick and practical method;
  2. It does not cause irritation, skin damage, folliculitis, and ingrown hair since the light emitted by the device directly affects the hair follicle;
  3. It’s a painless method, precisely because it does not damage the epidermis;
  4. It guarantees permanent results, blocking the life cycle of the hair, weakening it, and preventing it from regrowing: there is a progressive thinning that leads to a permanent loss of 80-90% of the hair; the remaining 10-20% grows back but in the form of sparse and thin hair.

However, some things need to be taken into consideration:

  1. Pulsed light is not suitable for dark phototypes or too light hair: by hitting the melanin, it would risk damaging the skin in the first case and, in the second case, being ineffective;
  2. It’s necessary to do more treatments, even if a noticeable hair reducion is visible already in the first sessions.

Therefore, compared to traditional hair removal methods, pulsed light undoubtedly offers greater benefits and is a more effective method for long-term hair removal. There's more: now you have the opportunity to have all the advantages of pulsed light without leaving home, comfortably in your bathroom! 

Home pulsed light epilators are devices that are very similar to the professional ones that you can find in beauty centers: it may take a few more treatments, but in the end, you will still achieve the promised result! You will have professional results right at your home: what more can you want?

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