Let your Skin be Hair-Free Today



I have a lot of hair on my legs, a lot! So I wasn’t expecting to be hairless as some girls declared. But Emerald slowed significantly my hair growth so I’m 100% satisfied!

Karen P.
39 Years

For years I’ve done everything to fight my cheeks but zero results. Then I heard about Emerald and excuse me?! I get rid of the problem once and for all in 4 sessions and, what is more, my hair growth slowed down in just a few months!

Summer T.
27 Years

Under my chin were some dark and thick hair, like a beard, that made me uncomfortable for a while. I chose Emerald for this problem and the beard is going away!

Mercedes A.
34 Years

I love Emerald! I have only had it for 3 months but after the 4th treatment there was already a HUGE difference on my armpits. I can't believe that after a few weeks my skin feels so smooth and soft.

Natalie M.
24 Years

I’ve always hated hair below my navel, they made me feel insicure and like a cactus, especially with my boyfriend that was constantly touching me. I have been using Emerald for 3 and a half months and I’m GLAD I listened to Janet the customer service girl, thank you so much!

Ilary D.
46 Years